Beglaubigte Übersetzung Geburtsurkunde Berlin

by Jessica Stahl

A birth certificate is an important document certifying the birth of a child. It is a certified copy of the entry in the official register of births. In almost all countries, the birth certificate constitutes decisive proof of the identity of a person required for any application for citizenship, a driving licence, social benefits or bank account etc. For this reason, it is recommended that only sworn translators are assigned with the translation of birth certificates.

A birth certificate normally includes the full name of the child, the date of birth of the child, the child’s gender, the child’s place of birth, the full name(s) of the child’s legal parent/s, their address and their profession at the time of issuing the birth certificate. Other relevant information that may be included in the birth certificate is the name of the hospital where the child was born, the name and signature of the doctor present at the birth, the name and address of the registry office issuing the birth certificate. In many countries, there are two types of birth certificate: “full” and “short”. The former is an exact copy of the original birth certificate, whereas the latter includes less information about the birth of the child. A “full” birth certificate is required for most legal purposes. Nevertheless, translations of the “short” and the “full” birth certificate should be understandable, accurate and free of errors.