Übersetzung gesiegelter Urkunden

In property law, a deed is an instrument for the transfer of ownership property from one person to another. Deeds are important legal documents that govern ownership. As in contracts, deeds require an agreement between two or more persons.

When transferring the ownership of property, the deed comes into effect when the following six criteria are met:

  1. The deed must clearly define the borders and the scope of the property to be transferred. This is typically done by setting contractual terms and conditions.
  2. The transferor must have the legal capacity to transfer this property.
  3. The purchaser must have the legal capacity to have the property transferred.
  4. Both transferor and purchaser must sign the deed.
  5. The deed must be accepted by the purchaser.
  6. Two or more witnesses must be present at the signing of the deed.

Because of the complex issues involved here, it is recommended that only sworn translators are commissioned with translating deeds. Since property law and certain regulations vary from country to country with regards to the transfer of ownership, translations of deeds must be understandable, precise and free of errors.

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