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"Schnell, präzise & wohltuend einfach"

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Prices for Translations


The bitterness of a bad translation hangs around long after the sweetness of the low prices has been forgotten

We are worth it

You can get translations for € 0.60 per line anywhere on the Internet, we know that. To be honest, if price is your only consideration, there are other places to go to. You could even just enter your text into a translation programme on Google and save yourself the money altogether. However, if you need texts you can be proud of, spending a little more on a professional translator is an excellent investment. It also avoids unpleasant issues such as complaints, loss of face and nerves and time-consuming reworking. Services at dumping prices are mostly offered for one reason only: the translator in question lacks either the qualifications or experience to insist on a fair market price. This is not the direction we choose to take.

The professional title of "translator" is not protected

This means that anyone who believes they have a sufficient command of a language can call themselves a “translator” and work as such – even if this is objectively not the case and they cannot properly capture the content of the unique text to be translated and are therefore unable to translate it properly.
Translating is a professional job and language lovers, hobby translators, language teachers or bilingual secretaries should not normally be entrusted with such work. In light of this, it goes without saying that a certain price level is not only OK but is absolutely essential.

You can't get an exeptionally good and fluent translation at rock bottom prices

Our translations are guaranteed to have the maximum impact on your business partners. People often only realise this, however, once “the damage has already been done” elsewhere. We often hear stories of loss of income, loss of market share, damage to reputation and even legal action. Inaccurate translations and poorly formulated texts are stumbling blocks on the path to your business success because this is how you will have introduced your company to potential customers and active business partners. We will not provide you with sloppily translated texts, but with precise translations from professional translators.

How much will I pay for a price and fluent translation by a competent translator?

It depends. On the language, on the specialisation and on the urgency.

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